Kariella Beauty


  • Shampoo + Blowout Style
    Shampoo, condition and blowout style. Does not include updo. If you have hair extensions, it’s an extra $15.
  • Signature Haircut and Style
    Haircuts come with shampoo, condition and incredible style. This is a service for age 13 and up.
  • Kid's Cut and Style-Age 3-12
    3-12 years old! Dry haircut and style.
  • Bang trim
  • ADD-ON Deep Conditioning Treatment
    This is an add on deep conditioning treatment that can be added to any service. Choose between the Keratin or Olaplex treatment. I can help you choose which is best for your locks at the time of your appointment.
  • Scalp Detox Treatment & Cut
    This is an amazing scalp treatment specifically designed for a dry or oily scalp. This helps to relieve scalp irritation, while revitalizing your hair. Head massage, shampoo, haircut & style included. Recommended BEFORE a color service.
  • Hard Water Wellness Treatment & Cut
    Do you have hard water? This is definitely the treatment for you! Remove buildup, prevent discoloration and protect against future mineral deposits. This wellness treatment is 100% vegan and cruelty-FREE!
  • Permanent Smoothing Treatment
    This is a permanent smoothing system that uses pro-Keratin to smooth hair, eliminate frizz and prevent breakage and define curls. This treatment lasts up to 12 weeks. Not recommended for over processed or very damaged hair. See deep conditioning treatment.
  • Partial Balayage Package
    The BoHo Babe is a PARTIAL Balayage/Foilayage with root smudge, refresher gloss toner, hair perfecting treatment and signature haircut and style.
  • Partial Balayage ONLY
    This is a partial balayage with gloss toner only. You may add another service, such as, haircut or treatment when booking your appointment. I also offer the BoHo package if you want everything included in your service.
  • Full Balayage ONLY
    This is a full balayage, which includes root shadow, gloss toner, conditioning treatment and blowout style. Haircut not included.
  • Mini Foil ONLY
    This is a face framing highlight that will create that gorgeous money piece you're dreaming about. It is only about 9 foils in total and will highlight around your face and not throughout the back of your hair. It includes toner & style but does not include a haircut.
  • Partial Highlights With Haircut
    This is a partial highlight with gloss toner, signature haircut and style. If you wish to add another service, such as, hair treatment or root re-touch for grey coverage, you can do this when booking your appointment. If grey coverage is needed, add root retouch to your service.
  • Partial Highlights ONLY
    This service is for Partial highlights with gloss toner only. Additional services can be added to your service when booking your appointment. If grey coverage is needed, add a root retouch to your service.
  • Highlight with Lowlights
    This is a combination of highlights with a root shadow and lowlights blended all the way through from roots to ends. This service includes gloss toner and style. Signature haircut is an additional charge of $65. If you need grey coverage, add a root retouch to your service.
  • Dimentional Lowlight Only
    This is a dimensional lowlight service only. This is when you need to add lowlights into your existing blonde or light hair color in order to add more depth when you feel that your highlights have become too light and lost some of the dimension in your color. This does not include haircut.
  • Full Highlights with Haircut
    Full all over highlights with gloss toner, signature haircut and style are included with this service. If grey coverage is needed, add root retouch to your service.If grey coverage is needed, add root retouch to your service.
  • Full Highlight ONLY
    This is a full highlight with toner included. This option does not include a haircut or deep conditioning treatment. Make sure to book any additional services you would like or look under packages to see all options. If grey coverage is needed, add root retouch to your service.
  • Platinum Card With Haircut
    This is an all over foil process, taking small sections at a time to lift your hair to it's highest level possible. This will always depend on the integrity of your hair and the starting level. Platinum hair is a process! This comes with a signature haircut and style.
  • Toner Service Renew & Style Only
    This is for those in between times. After a 4 to 8 week period, your gloss toner can start to fade. A toner refresh will cut out brassy tones and give you the shine you deserve. It's perfect to keep your hair looking on point between highlighting services. Haircut is extra $65.
  • Color CORRECTION $100 An Hour
    A color correction is usually done when I am going in to correct previously damaged and/or color treated hair that needs a complete overhaul. Whether it's from box color or bleach, this is always a process. The price depends on the journey but I charge $100 an hour for this service.
  • All Over Color ONLY
    This is an all over color and blowout style. Haircut not included. Additional bowls of color for long thick hair is an extra $25 per bowl.
  • All Over Color & Haircut
    Need a change and some glorious shine? Do an all over color or add more depth and vibrancy to your existing color. This service includes a signature haircut and style. Long and or thick hair is $25 extra per additional bowl of color.
  • Color Root Re-Touch ONLY
    Roots are for trees! Get your regrowth touched up every 4 to 6 weeks for a healthy and beautiful color. Price varies on amount of product used and how much regrowth. Additional services are extra and booked separately for your appointment.
  • Color Root Re-touch & Haircut
    This is a root color re-touch for up to two inches of regrowth and a signature haircut/trim and blowout style.
  • Bleach & Tone Re-touch ONLY
    This is a highlift re-touch. Bleach is used to lift your re-growth. A toner is included in this process. This is for my ultra blondes, with less than one inch regrowth. Additional services are extra and booked separately with your appointment. Haircut not included.
  • Fantasy Vivid/Block Color W/ Cut
    To achieve fantasy color, the hair must first be highlighted to the desired level and then your chosen fantasy color will be applied. Price varies depending on length and how much you are lifting. $425 is a starting price. Signature haircut is included. Additional services are extra.
  • Dream Catchers Order
    I can create a dream catcher tailored to you. Choose your size and favorite colors and I will make a one of a kind unique dream catcher just for you. Dream catchers range in price from $40 to $375, depending on size, materials used and the degree of detail.
  • Hair Product
    Olaplex 0, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 are available for purchase in my salon. Each product is $30 plus tax. Davines runs their prices differently but ranges from $12 to $100, depending on size and product. You may also order products online at https://shop.saloninteractive.com/store/KariellaBeauty